Courtney Rae Jones Nutrition

Kind Words from Past Clients

Courtney smiling

Looking back at my progress since I started working with Courtney, I now feel informed and well-equipped to make the right decisions for my health. I no longer view food as the enemy, but as the fuel my body needs to function at its best.” – B.R.

“Courtney really listened. I felt such relief in finally feeling heard. Based on my situation, we found a good starting point then began making plans for small, incremental changes that would add up to a sustainable, healthy and positive lifestyle.” C.R.

“I was recently diagnosed with both PCOS and IBS. Little did I know how connected both conditions are – that they stem from the same root cause. Thanks to Courtney I have found the nutrition and supplements to help me address those issues naturally and live a healthier lifestyle.”J.B.

“Before working with Courtney, I felt extremely frustrated and as though I was not being listened to or taken seriously by the many doctors I had seen. I felt confused about my symptoms and their cause. I was never told that diet could contribute to hormonal imbalances and heightened pain levels. I didn’t realize just how much food could really help address these issues until I met with Courtney.”M.L.